A Single Beam of Light


Oakland CA: You never saw this coming. If you were someone who listened to Boy is Fiction‘s cover of Lights Out Asia’s oh! Toronto on n5MD’s The Reconstruction of Fives and thought “what a great combination.”  Or, had you ever wondered what it would sound like if Chris from Lights Out Asia draped his smooth croon over top of Boy Is Fiction’s emotive Broadcast In Colour? You may have thought about it. But you never, ever saw it coming. A Single Beam of Light is the new album from Australian warm electronic musician Boy Is Fiction, but, this is not just a Boy Is Fiction album as it staunchly features Milwaukee’s Chris Schafer from Lights Out Asia on vocal, guitar and synth duties under his new solo moniker Ghosts of Tyto Alba. The album took over 5 years to complete due to the vast distances the duo live from one another. It was then mixed and mastered in Oakland by n5MD label owner Mike Cadoo (Gridlock, Bitcrush). This album has a lot to live up to do to the fact that it has some serious electronic and post-rock lineage behind it. And, it does not disappoint. Forwardly propulsive beats weave around winding piano motifs, dusty synth washes, and steadfast bass-work all puncuated by Chris Schafer’s soaring vocals. For fans of these projects, this is a not only a simple pacification of their collective styles but an excellent next chapter in their newly combined existences. A beautiful musical surprise that we feel you never saw coming. (~n5MD)

Released: 2018
Label: n5md